Anderson Mill Swimming Program

Anderson Mill Pool Information

Junior Longhorn

Age Requirement: 6 – 11 years

Skill Requirement: Swim comfortably in a 25-yard pool, swim 50 yards of freestyle & backstroke, and have some ability to swim breaststroke & butterfly.

Skill Development: Junior Longhorns will learn the fundamentals of competitive swimming including: proper technique of the four competitive strokes, racing starts, turns and reading the pace clocks. Fun, yet, structured practices focus on building the foundations of fast swimming. Low-key competition will be available when the swimmer is ready. Entry into the Junior Longhorn group requires an invitation following a successful tryout with the Longhorn Aquatics staff.

4 volunteer points required


Age Requirement: 7 – 12 years

Skill Requirement: This group is proficient and legal in all four strokes, has ability to do starts and turns, properly read the pace clock and regularly participates in meets.

Skill Development: Longhorns will have a primary emphasis on continuing education of proper stroke technique and racing skills while building leadership skills. Training begins to elevate according to ability to build the proper background for future success as a maturing athlete. Swimmers will begin to focus on accomplishing time standards, such as C-B-BB and A.

4 volunteer points required

Senior Longhorn

Age Requirement: 11-14 years 

Skill Requirement: Levels vary from proficiency in all four strokes to learning the basics.

Skill Development: The Senior Longhorn group is developmentally appropriate, teaching the fundamentals of competitive swim racing and training. Practices will put an emphasis on kicking and proper stroke mechanics to build the foundation of fast swimming in all four strokes. Training will begin to elevate as the focus builds to annual end of season meets, and success as a senior level swimmer

8 volunteer points required

National Development 

Age Requirement: 12 and older

Skill Requirement: Sectionals time standards and above required

Skill Development: The National Development group represents the highest level of training at TXLA Anderson Mill. This group is highly exclusive. Before becoming a member of the team, athletes must receive a letter of invitation from the Head Coach. National Development athletes accept the challenge of being team leaders and acknowledges their role as the face of the program on the largest stages in the sport. They must commit to representing the team with honor and class at all times. National Development members have established ownership of their goals and accept accountability toward the process of training for them by exhibiting the highest levels of commitment to their preparation and performance. Athletes’ goals include achievements at Sectionals, Junior Nationals, Nationals, Olympic Trials and beyond. Travel each season is expected of all athletes.

12 volunteer points required

*The number of practices and times are subject to change due to weather, pool maintenance, and events for all groups.